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   “Bertina Boyadjiev is without a doubt one of the most exceptional people I have ever met. I have studied the harp with her for almost eight years, and I cannot even describe the extent of the positive influence she has had on my life. Bertina is certainly an impressive musician and an incredibly accomplished professional harpist, but she is even more importantly an endlessly compassionate, patient, and forgiving teacher. I came to Bertina with no musical knowledge whatsoever, and with care and optimism she guided me from the simplest scale to the most dramatic concerto. She gently encouraged me to persevere through every struggle, and taught me to love music so completely that I cannot imagine my life without it. I am so proud of the skill Bertina has led me to acquire, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to hold my own when I graduate and enter a college orchestra at the end of this year. It will be so difficult for me to leave Bertina, who has become my most respected teacher, valued friend, and a member of my own family.”

Ellery Burgess

   It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Bertina Mitchell. Bertina has been my children’s piano teacher for the past 3 years. My 9 year old twins connected with Bertina immediately, responding to her genuine warmth and her enthusiastic, supportive approach. Bertina is a patient teacher and sees the children for who they are and the musicians they are within. Bertina tempers the demands and expectations of a teacher with love and encouraging words. Bertina challenges the students to keep the learning process going, and praises their accomplishments. Not only have my children progressed as talented piano players, they have gained self-confidence. Bertina’s passion for music and teaching is evident. I highly recommend Bertina as a piano teacher, so your child can experience her passion and love of music first hand.

   Yours very truly,H. Kimberly Zydel

Bertina Mitchell has been teaching piano to my 11-year old son for two years. He has developed both an ability to play and an enjoyment of music because of Bertina's thoughtful guidance. Her love of music and teaching is quite evident, whether she's teaching how to play, how to read music, or other music fundamentals. I am impressed with her kind and clear manner that encourages my son to explore the music. She incorporates his interests into the lessons, including helping him write his own compositions at age 10!She has won my son's heart and imagination, and he has this to say about Bertina: "She helps me change what I"m doing wrong, she picks out the right books and songs for me, and she does it all very nicely." Perhaps the best recommendation is that he enjoys coming back every week for his lesson, and wants to practice so that he can improve every week!I would be happy to talk to parents about Bertina's abilities as a piano teacher.

Paul R. Peterzell


It is absolute pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Bertina Mitchell. Bertina has been my children's piano and harp teacher for the past 7 years. My 17 year old (presently) and my 13 year old girls loved her from the very beginning, connecting with her warmth and enthusiasm as well as her consistently positive approach. Bertina is a patient teacher and treats each child with love for their individuality. Never-the-less, she has standards and expectations that she makes clear to them and they have learned the benefits of self discipline as it regards to music and other aspects of their lives. My children have progressed as both piano and harp players, gaining self- confidence and skill that will help them socially and for enjoyment, their entire lives. Bertina's true vocation for music and teaching is obvious. I highly recommend Bertina as a music teacher for any adult or child who wishes to learn. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to recommend someone I truly believe in!

Sincerely,Nancy Muggoch, NP, MS, ACHPN


"Bertina's inspirational love of music comes through in her teaching. She has the perfect combination of kindness, motivation and firmness. Over the past two years my two kids have made wonderful progress on the piano. I couldn't recommend her more highly!"

Jeremy Cline"


Our daughter has studied harp with Bertina Mitchell for over seven years and from the very start we've been impressed not only by Bertina's wonderful musicality, but also her gentle and effective method of musical instruction. As parents, we are deeply appreciative of the support and encouragement Bertina has given our daughter in her musical education. At group recitals it is clear that she is just as attentive to every student of hers. Personally and professionally, we cannot say enough good things about Bertina Mitchell!"

Amy Marsh

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